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Training & Education

GSA Rules of Golf Group has a volunteer training program for prospective Rules Referees. Depending on the number of participants attending one of these training sessions, there is “in class” and “on course” training that will take place. This is usually scheduled on a weekend. GSA Rules of Golf Group will also have you ride with an experienced Rules Official several days before you will solo.


The PGA/USGA conducts approximately 20 Rules Workshops in January, February, March of each year across the country. They have a two day ($150) or 3 ½ day ($300) workshop available. Sign-up starts in October each year on their web site.

The Rules Referee Uniform is; White Shirt, Khaki Pants or Shorts or Skirt. GSA Rules of Golf Group has logoed shirts along with a name badge available for purchase.


"Ride Along" Program

For people who would like to see how a Rules Referee performs their duties in working a tournament, GSA Rules of Golf Group has developed a “Ride Along” program. All you need do is to pick a tournament from our Tournament Schedule, email Mike Lonergan at and set up a “Ride Along” experience. No commitment is necessary on your part to do this ride. After the ride, if you want to join our group, GSA Rules of Golf Group welcomes you.

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